From childhood through adulthood time spent on digital devices is ever increasing. Computer screens, lap tops, tablets, Nooks, Kindles, and cell-phones all produce a unique visual environment that has many short term and long term effects. Short term problems include eyestrain, headache, visual blur, fatigue, or poor performance as well as physical symptoms such as red, itchy, burny, or dry eyes. Long term problems accumulate over many years of digital device use and include primarily cataracts and macular degeneration.

Fortunately, the risks presented by both long and short term problems created in the digital environment can be reduced with a prescription pair of glasses specifically designed for the digital device distance. This prescription optimizes vision thereby increasing efficiency and reducing eyestrain- the visual system sees and feels better. In addition, special coatings can be added to the lenses that block the damaging HEV (high energy visable) light that is produced by digital devices.

The HEV issue is new, but like SPF for UV protection outdoors, HEV protection will become common knowledge. Even contact lens wearers and people not needing prescription will be wearing protective glasses while on digital devices. My daughter is a food journalist with the Lucky Peach and my son is a molecular biology research tech at the Human Viral Institute at Duke; both spend the entire work day with their face in a digital screen. Neither is dependent on a prescription to see but both wear computer glasses to see better, work more efficiently, and to protect their eyes from damaging HEV light.

The link below provides some interesting insight into the problems created in the digital world.

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Michael Cook


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