Glasses For Computer Eyestrain


Drs Cler & Cook are addressing the recent growth of eyestrain by the electronic video displays such as computer monitors, PDAs, Cellphones, Gameboys, etc.

We offer our patients the PRIO® TEST, designed to determine if special prescription computer glasses will assist in reducing eyestrain. Special single vision (or variable focus) prescription lenses can be made based on the prescription indicated from the PRIO® TEST. The patient can choose to have these special “computer glasses” made in the conventional clear lenses with an anti-glare coating protective coating or with the new “Gunnar Optics® Treatment”.


Eye Exams Are Health Exams


People often think of an eye exam as how you update your eye glass or contact lens prescription. More importantly, it is a very effective way to provide early detection of system conditions. Readers Digest recently published this article on conditions that are often first diagnosed by an eye doctor.